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Calling it what it is

“It’s a dog” seems to mean something different to many people. To some it’s an insult, a joke, or a lower class reference. I’ve had clients look offended when I called their beloved pet a dog as if I had just said they were less deserving. In reality for me “dog” is of the highest compliment.

While discussing neglected dogs with someone else in the industry I was shocked at how different our views were of a “neglected dog”. Matted for months and left to sleep outside in the cold was something I couldn’t imagine for my furbabies. No attention; just food. As I complained to this person of how they shouldn’t be treated this way I was astounded when her reply came. “Well, it’s a dog.” …Yes a living creature that depends on us and loves unconditionally. Yet she seemed to think that this is how they should be treated because they are dogs.

It’s frustrating that there are so many that feel dogs don’t deserve a place of their own in your home or someone’s company. People will say you smell like a dog, you look like a dog, he acts like a dog. Why not she loves like a dog, he’s loyal like a dog, and they’re brave as a dog.

More people that see them as a creature that deserves respect and happiness the more try to help. Spreading stories of the dogs that save lives, bring happiness to widowed owners, and joy to people watching their sheer passion for fun loving life; it all helps. People realize what a dog really is. Yes an honorable guard, a hardworking helper, an always there for you companion, a forgiving friend.

We can make as many people as possible understand the significance of a dog. The outlook of saying “it’s a dog” can mean something wonderful to everyone. A dog, just like any living creature deserves safety, health, and happiness. The human race regrettably is significantly responsible for if that happens or not. You can spread dog as a compliment and meaning of true friendship throughout the world to be passed down to even more generations than your own.

Calling a dog what it is should be seen as something good. I’m proud to say my four legged babies are dogs. They are spoiled, loved, fattened on thanksgiving, showered with presents on b-days, and forgiven after eating my irresistible sandwich, because they are even better to me, because they are dogs.

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